Singer Dotan: “the Story about the woman in the plane is correct, however,”

294ac3bacb1e6e6de0fcdb37b6ec7170 - Singer Dotan: "the Story about the woman in the plane is correct, however,"

Singer and songwriter Dotan was last week, the full low in the Dutch media after the Volkskrant revealed that he fake profiles on social media used to promote themselves. In an interview with the Dutch television station RTL that he keeps insisting that the encounter with a fan who was sitting next to him in a plane, however, is correct.

In the talk show “RTL Late Night” drew Dotan the boetekleed, and he gave in in the beginning of his career “actively” engaged with a number of false profiles. In addition, excuses himself for a made-up encounter with a leukemiepatiënt in 2015. “I had need to take action, it is my responsibility”, was the singer.

But according to Dotan is correct, the story about the fan in a plane indeed. In 2017, the singer of the hit “Home” a number of tweets about this meeting. He would during a scheduled flight for hours next to a girl sitting to his music, listened, and was a big fan, but didn’t remember him. Before the aircraft left, gave Dotan the girl a note with his e-mail address. A moment later, he placed a copy of her response on social media.

According to the critics is that e-mail is false because the girl is in her message, the same punctuation is used as Dotan. They call it “highly unlikely that this e-mail really is”.

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