Simon Keizer feels ‘live’ on the dance floor

69cc0568b23457949bb5ef1f189cee9b - Simon Keizer feels 'live' on the dance floor

Singer Simon Keizer will feel on the dance floor not at his ease. More than size keep, he can not.

“On a dance floor I feel to live,” says the 33-year-old Emperor to Beau Monde.

“In one of our last singles, Toast to the dead, is the text: ‘I want to dance like you dance can, ugly, and off the beat’. It’s about a friend who also can not, but that shit has, and still is dancing. So much guts I have not.”

His wife, Annemarie knows that nerves are not on the dance floor. They participated in the second season of Dance Dance Dance, in which she and her partner Kees Toll eventually reached the finals. Therein lost to the duo of Robin Martens and Buddy Vedder.

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