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SegWit2x : Launch successful – B2X Scam?

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As we reported yesterday, is how appeared out of nowhere a “new” Bitcoin, to implement in November by the Bitcoin Core Community rejected SegWit2x-Update – B2X. Since then, the voices that criticise the SegWit2x Token is on the rise. On various platforms B2X is referred to as a Scam. We have collected the reasons and give you an Overview.

First of all, we would like to inform you, however, that the Launch of the SegWit2X-Bitcoin has been, according to the official Twitter-Account successfully:

Disagreements on the home page

The most obvious discrepancy is large to be found on the official website. Jaap Terlouw as the founder of the project promises to all BTC holders, Fork, and a “is proportional to the number of Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoins”.

The statement is formulated, either very strange or is not realistically feasible. Since no one knows Satoshi Nakamoto, is questionable, as the number of Nakamoto held BTC is to be determined.

The Team behind B2X

As the Portal Finance magnates has found out, has to do with the Team behind B2X nothing to do with the people behind the original New York Agreement and the planned SegWit2x-Hard Fork on may 8. November has been canceled by Mike Belshe.

The Portal also has looked at the individual members of the team in more detail and found out that, for example, the founder and main developer of the project, Jaap Terlouw, only a half empty LinkedIn profile and any documented experience as a developer in a crawl of the Internet can prove.

Medium Dr-Hack has found out””, that Sairam Jetty on 19. December, it was still managed as a Core Developer. On the current website (as of 29.12.2017) he is not to find but to. A change of the Core Developers in this crucial Phase of the project, namely the Launch seems a bit odd. Instead, Robert Szabo is now as a Core Developer. In addition, Artur Bujnicki and Bartosz Kozlowski are since today as members of the team listed.

In the article on Medium also found out that Donna Khyuz – named on the website as a Business Developer, rather dubious Social Media Profiles. While the on the Homepage linked LinkedIn profile is very extensive and good. However, the photo used is the same as on your Instagram profile (@donna_khyuz ), where they are referred to as a “Crypto Developer, ICO & Blockchain Expert”. The same photo alone is, in our view, may be unusual, but not worrying.

Stranger still, it is only if we consider a Web archive to your old Twitter addiction profile. has done this and found. Found on the old Twitter profile Donna Khyuz is still a “Model, dancer, actress, and Business Woman”. It is questionable, therefore, whether she has made a quick career change, it’s the wrong profile, or whether she has sold your name, how hackalogy suspected?

Pre-Mined Tokens

A warning for questionable projects are also often “Pre-Minded”-a Token that the developer team retains for itself. The SegWit2x project, this conceals the information on its website.

How hackology has found by means of a Github Repository, 2.000.000 B2X –Token prior to Launch, premined, after all, proud of 9.52 per cent of all tokens!

GitHub Repository

In addition, the GitHub Repository of the project for the editors ‘ time is only 10 days old. A “reasonable” level of development of the project, therefore, is at least very questionable.

If we consider all the assumptions and facts in sum, then, the SegWit2x / B2X –project is very questionable. The presumption is that it is a Scam, is, in our opinion, very close. Therefore, it should be offered in any case, caution.

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