Saudi Arabia prepares first cinemavoorstelling in 35 years

c9653fcdab59343ae99879b2ed41e12d - Saudi Arabia prepares first cinemavoorstelling in 35 years

In Saudi Arabia enters Wednesday for the first time since the eighties, a public film screening in a cinema take place. After more than 35 years, a ban on cinema’s power was in the ultraconservatieve country, in the capital Riyadh a movie theater was solemnly opened.

The cinema of the American chain AMC will have a gala of a Hollywood blockbuster be put into use. What movie the first go is not officially published. Unconfirmed rumors say that the actieprent Black panther be the first film in 35 years.

The average Saudi citizen will in any case not to witness the special event. Both the premiere as all of the other performances in april to take place, can only invitees are able to attend.


The Saudi royal house had in the beginning of the eighties decided to cinemazalen to prohibit. That measure was part of a policy that was based on a conservative interpretation of islam. Other forms of entertainment were also banned. So were also concerts for many years under the spell struck.

That cinemas still be admitted, is a result of the cautious liberalisation that is carried out under the impulse of prince Mohammad bin Salman. In september 2017 it was also announced that the driving ban for women is lifted.

The coming years will AMC have dozens of cinemas open in Saudi Arabia. Possible can, in time, hundreds of cinemas to come into the country. The kingdom wants to be that way also financially a good thing to do. Until now had Saudi movie buffs sometimes a long journey to undertake to make a film to pick up. That way flocked potentially hundreds of million euros abroad.

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