Sabam should rates drop

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Since some time at the festival – and concertorganisatoren a profound dissatisfaction related to the inningspolitiek which Sabam uses for copyright. When Sabam, with effect from 2017, a changes to the rates imposed with elevations up to 35% decided to the sector, join in her protest. At the Court of Commerce of Brussels was a stakingsprocedure initiated the unlawful inningswijze a halt had to cry. The action is not directed against the principle of the payment of copyright, which by the sector fully supported.
Sabam collects the copyrights as a percentage on the revenues from ticket sales. These revenues in recent years have increased significantly, mainly as a result of increased costs. Organisers are increasingly stringent measures imposed on security and mobility. The festivalsector has the attending of concerts, opened to a total belevingspakket, with an increase of production costs as a result. This could Sabam is largely benefit.

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