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Ripple dominates the news and reported several well-known partnerships

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In the last three days, the Ripple of the same is concerned, several well-known partnerships. First, it was known that Inidiens leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay lists the XRP tokens new, and available now for purchase and trade. After that, Ripple was able to announce a partnership with the UAE Exchange, a leading Institution in the Middle East for global money and foreign exchange transfers. In addition, the trading company AsiaMTM XRP will accept payments. Finally, Brad Garlinghouse made very promising announcements on the Yahoo Finance Summit.

After Zebpay has added in the last few weeks, Bitcoin to Cash, and Litecoin to the exchange, reported Zebpay on Friday that the XRP tokens purchased on the stock exchange in India, sent and received can be sold.

Partnership with the UAE Exchange

At 10.02. announced Ripple a partnership with the UAE Exchange. The company will use the product xCurrent of Ripple, seamless and cross-border payments in real-time. In order UAX Exchange will not use the XRP-Token as a transfer medium for the transactions.

XCurrent is a software solution that is used contrary to the xRapid-solution, although the Ripple network, but not the XRP-Token. XCurrent is particularly aimed at banks and financial service providers. The solution enables cross-border payments, Messaging, Clearing and settlement of financial transactions in real-time. The cost will be up to 25% lower than in conventional transactions between banks at the international level. The RippleNet can already count more than 100 member banks and financial institutions to its users.

Promoth Manghat, Chief Executive Officer of the UAE Exchange Group, praised the RippleNet in the context of the press release in the highest tones:

The early adoption of this game-changing technology allows us to offer a competitive service, as it will have an impact on the speed and cost of cross-border transactions. We are proud to deliver the future of payments with Ripple.

The AsiaMTM Group accept XRP payments

Ripple news reported, will accept the AsiaMTM Group Limited from now on XRP payments from its customers. The Asia MTM Group was founded in March 2009 in Hong Kong and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It has about 150 factories, in which, inter alia, clothing, accessories, and parts for consumer electronics (LCD screens for IPhones and Samsung Smartphones). AsiaMTM considers itself as one of the leading trading company in China.

The RippleNet can process 1,500 transactions per second, with an average settlement time of 4 seconds. Already in the last days and weeks, Ripple was able to announce new partnerships and collaborations. This includes, inter alia, LianLian International, the Santander Bank, IDT Corporate and MercuryFX, Rakbank, Standard Charter and AXIS Bank. Already for a long time, UBS, UniCredit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, travel Bank, BBVA (second largest Bank of Spain), Mitsubishi UFG Japan (largest Bank in Japan), Akbank (Turkey), inter alia, to the cooperation partners of Ripple.

Brad Garlinghouse at Yahoo Finance Summit

Who would like to learn more about Ripple from the CEO himself, Brad garlinghouse, should take a look at the following Video from Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit. Garlinghouse explains the long-term goals of Ripple and how the RippleNet generally works.

He also explains why the XRP tokens and the xRapid Software solution in the long term, be a success. He explains that banks have so far preferred to xCurrent, because compared to the XRP tokens a certain amount of uncertainty. However, xRapid offers faster transactions at a lower cost. Due to this, probably, banks will drop in the long term, the doubts and on xRapid and the XRP Token switch. This would be very likely to influence the Ripple rate is positive.

A Ripple of purchase instructions can be found via this Link.

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