Rick Brandsteder wants to Roosje old

Rick Brandsteder has finally his wild hair loss. Since he and his girlfriend Rose together, he can barely get out and drink less. “I find it no more.”

That tells of the Temptation Island presenter in VIVA. “I want to try. And especially because I know that with her I old want to be”, says Rick. “That is not to say that the best is hard for me to button to convert, though. Because for years, I have a certain way of life.”

The 34-year-old son of tv personality Ron Brandsteder was really a stable, fixed relationship. “And it is fantastic: Roosje is. With her, I want to live together, marry, have children and grow old. And that feeling is mutual, that’s so fine.”

Rick since the end of last year, along with Rose, the daughter of former presenter Bert Kuizenga.

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