Rick Brandsteder is by relation “a quiet hunter’

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Rick Brandsteder has a past as vrouwenverslinder, but says his current girlfriend Roosje Kuizenga, the rest have found.

The Temptation Island-presenter tells Viva that he has the hunt of his father has inherited. “He is now 35 years along with my mother, but before that, he was a vrouwenverslinder. That my brother and I, it’s in us, the ‘hunt’. Testosterone Brandsteder, son of. And now I’m a quiet hunter.”

The 34-year-old Brandsteder says that the feeling that he Kuizenga, new for him. “Once before I was hoteldebotel in love with a Turkish girl. We had a time together, but at the time I was still too young and restless, I was apparently not ready for.”

With Kuizenga is he. “With her, I want to live together, marry, have children and grow old. And that feeling is mutual, that’s so fine.”

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