Retrieves Maaike Cafmeyer her driver’s license?

348a5262ed0db8ad46167a0d5bf6d413 - Retrieves Maaike Cafmeyer her driver's license?

More than half of her life had Maaike Cafmeyer (45) with a phobia to drive a car. The actress put herself on the block with the program Today About A Year, Cath Luyten, according to the Newspaper. The cause of the phobia of the actress is in a car accident, now almost 24 years ago. Cafmeyer was 21 years old when her parents with their car under a concrete mixer containers. The mother of Maaike injured, the father was even in danger. “Do what is in the head of a man”, said the actress in an earlier interview. “After the accident my mother stood out that I still have my driver’s license would make it, but the end never came to be.”

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