Punishment for MS patient after fatal accident

1158ef72d7b79c23477ea366c3e2ba45 - Punishment for MS patient after fatal accident

DARMSTADT – A 53-year-old MS-patient has Tuesday in Germany in appeal a suspended sentence of nine months because he is in June 2015, a fatal accident was caused by the fact that he is a paroxysm. By the cramps in his leg, he pressed the accelerator of his car to the bottom, leaving him with more than 140 kilometres per hour, a pedestrian in a crosswalk aanreed in Obertshausen.

That woman of 34, which is green light, it was 40 metres through the air, ejected and survived that. She died on the spot. The man was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He told the court that he for the accident had doubted his driving skills. He has his driving licence now submitted, and is in a wheelchair.

The driver had previously had a penalty been given of 9000 euro. Justice went on appeal because it is a jail on his place.

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