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Pulitzer for coverage of Harvey Weinstein

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The New York Times and The New Yorker got Monday night together a pulitzer prize for their coverage of filmbaas Harvey Weinstein. The newspaper and the magazine received the prize in the category of ‘public service’, the most prestigious category. Kendrick Lamar wins first rapper a Pulitzer for music.

The two media were the first who wrote about the extensive system of sexual harassment that the mighty filmbaas had set up. The Times fell, along with The Washington Post, also in the awards for her reporting on the links between Russia and the entourage of president Donald Trump.

Reporting on Weinstein eventually led to the downfall of several powerful men in Hollywood, politics, the media and technology sector.

The research of The Washington Post to the Republican candidate for the senate, Roy Moore was also awarded. The Post-journalists discovered that the Republican different women, the youngest just 14, had groped.

Reuters won the Pulitzer for International coverage in the wait, for the work on the “war on drugs” of the Philippine president Duterte.

‘A virtuoso collection of songs’

A notable winner is Kendrick Lamar, who was the first rapper a Pulitzer for music wins for his album ‘Damn’. That Pulitzer is awarded since the 40’s, and went past again to classical music or jazz. Lamars fourth studio album is, according to Dana Canedy, the president of the Pulitzerprijzen, ‘a virtuoso collection of songs that are united by their spreektalige authenticity and rhythmic dynamism’.

The Pulitzerprijzen were all for the 102 nd time awarded. This year, the prices were spread over fourteen journalism categories and seven categories within literature, drama, and music. Winners receive a certificate and $ 10,000 (8,000 euros) in prize money.

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