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Populous platform recorded the first account of the sale: 50% price increase

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For a long time it was the British project Populous. The public Relations was never on in the first place. The day before yesterday, however, could be an important milestone that highlights the project to the next level, the practical application. The price has risen in a row of over 50% within the shortest period of time.

Populous is a Peer-to-Peer platform, which uses the Blockchain to provide smaller as well as medium-sized companies an efficient way to participate in invoice financing.

Timely payment of all invoices for many companies, particularly for smaller projects, often with a neck breaker, if the capital inflow is coming too late or not at all. These difficulties attempt to solve Populous. On the Populous platform, companies can sell their outstanding invoices at a discount, similar to a collection Agency, however, is used here, the Blockchain.

The day before yesterday, the CEO and founder of Populous, Steve Nico Williams announced that the first signed bill of sale has taken place on the platform.

Since yesterday, the selected testers can check the Beta Version through its paces and the ability to function in practice under the microscope. This announcement led to a rapid price increase of more than 50 percent within the last 24 hours. The price for a PPT-Token is for the editors time in 19,86 EUR and a corresponding Marktkatapitalisierung of 734 million euros.

So Populous assigned currencies of 25 of the largest Crypto. Whether the price increases are of longer duration, or just current Hype for a short gives rise, it remains to be seen.

We find the project very promising. It has a practical application and satisfies a need for which there is a large demand. Consequently, this could mark the beginning of an ongoing rally.

According to the company there is in the UK alone, more than 40,000 users, the use of invoice Finance platforms on a regular basis. Since great Britain is one of the smaller countries in our latitude, (number of population), could ensure a spread in the international space for a boost in new users for the project.

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