Police chief Slovakia it away

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BRATISLAVA – The chief of the police in the Slovak republic is the avenue commissioned by the prime minister Peter Pellegrini following month leave. Tens of thousands of Slovaks had earlier this month of the departure required from Tibor Gaspar as the investigation into the murder of the investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiance do not trust you. The journalist wrote on corruption at the highest political level.

Tibor Gaspar

The minister of the Interior Tomas Drucker had the chief of police hand-held overhead. But Drucker announced Monday itself his resignation to the quantity in his country to comfort her.

Political crisis

The murder of the 27-year-old Kuciak and his girlfriend at the end of February caused a political crisis in the country. So far, there is in connection with this case yet no one is indicted.

The protesters that the resignation of Gaspar demanded, want the guarantee that someone is appointed who is entirely impartial investigation into the death of Kuciak.

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