Poland bows to European judges

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Campaigners protesting against the hood.

Poland is once again sentenced for the cover of the primeval forest of Bialowieza. This time, explains Warsaw is down in the judgment of the European courts.

The European Court of Justice has yesterday again ruled that the large-scale felling of the primeval forest of Bialowieza, in the extreme east of Poland, was illegal.

Two years ago, the Polish government that there will be more trees cut down were allowed to be in this unique forest. Warsaw said it was necessary because the typesetter, a small beetle, ugly house kept. Environmental organisations were there not agree. They found that the government of the bug as an excuse used in order to make money on logging.

The European Commission followed their arguments and opened a case at the European Court of Justice. Twice condemned, the judges in Luxembourg the Polish government. That had to stop immediately with the cover. But Warsaw explained that statements beside.

Until today. The verdict of the judges was this time final. And now it seems that Warsaw still folds for the judges. During the large change of government earlier this year, was also the minister of the Environment replacing. The controversial Jan Szyszko was set aside and replaced by Henryk Kowalczyk. He today announced that he will abide by the ruling.

Warsaw to be more lenient towards Brussels

Warsaw shows in the past weeks to be more lenient towards Brussels. European Commissioner, Frans Timmermans traveled last week to Poland for consultation around the controversial reforms of the Polish court. At the end of last year, Timmermans is the heavy Article 7-procedure in effect, which makes the Polish voting rights in the European Union could be repealed.

After the end of discussions, last week, was the tone much milder. “We strive for a compromise’, let the Polish minister of Foreign Affairs know.

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