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Pavo and ICOBox close cooperation – Blockchain, agriculture and Cannabis

fa60e8715b12d16a1e545c072f2abae9 - Pavo and ICOBox close cooperation – Blockchain, agriculture and Cannabis

Pavo, a Startup out of San Francisco, which will perform an ICO in a few weeks and the Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Blockchain solution for industrial agriculture would like to offer. The aim of the project is to increase the profitability and efficiency in the field of agriculture.

Recently, Pavo has announced that there is a cooperation with ICOBox, one of the world’s leading provider of SaaS solutions for ICOs, entered, the custom Token for sale. Pavos IoT platform to attack the billion-Dollar market of American food and agriculture industry.

First Pavo would like to tackle the legal market for Cannabis and aims to provide breeders with the operation of their production facilities and to support the management of their supply chain due to the Blockchain technology. Additionally, Pavo is planning the publication of a crypto-currency for business to business relations (B2B), including growers, wholesalers, pharmacies and manufacturers. The currency should allow for a safe and reliable payments between these business partners. ICOBox will support Pavo in the preparation of the ICOs technically, legally and Marketing-wise.

If governments approve the use and sale of medical Cannabis, they usually also have strict rules that must be complied with by buyers, producers and law enforcement authorities.

Medical Cannabis producers are aware of the strict rules: The law attaches great importance to the fact that a licensed manufacturer to record on safety, manufacturing, and quality standards. Every licensed manufacturer is required to take appropriate steps to ensure that every aspect of his operation for the prescribed Compliance reports and inspections can be tracked. The non-compliance with these Standards may result in the licence for the cultivation and sale of medical Cannabis is lost.

Pavo aims to facilitate the operation in the context of this extensive set of rules and Standards, as well as more efficient and more transparent. Of taxation, and the legal compliance to managing the cost of goods, inventory control, through to the reinvestment of the growth – Cannabis retailers have to face constantly new challenges.

Pavo aims to help the traders through the use of a Blockchain-based system. The Blockchain is designed to ensure authentication, confidentiality and accountability, and smarter, faster and more sustainable agricultural and business decisions on the basis of real-time data.


The crypto-currency of the Pavo Ecosystem is hot PavoCoin and from 15. March 2018 through a public Pre-Sale available. In addition to the B2B use of the PavoCoin for payments from customers.

The company wants to collect about its ICO $ 65 million to move the project forward. Erhan Cakmak, co-founder and CEO of the company says:

We are looking to forever change the way the cannabis market operates. We believe that the blockchain is the perfect medium that will tie all market participants into one coherent, transparent, secure, and sustainable system, and our goal is to become the ultimate marketplace for this ever-expanding industry.

In contrast to many ICOs Pavo already has a working product that is currently being used in the pilot phase, in the case of breeders in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After the completion of the ICOs Pavo to be at 500 breeders in the first 12 months and 1,000 breeders in the first 18 months introduced. As a target group for their Token to the Team buyer of crypto-currencies in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the USA, Japan and China, as well as the global Cannabis community, including the legal Cannabis growers, processors and distributors in North America.

Nick Evdokimov, co-founder of ICOBox explains:

Pavo is addressing a very important issue in the cannabis market – its transparency and sustainability. ICOBox is a perfectly suitable solution for blockchain-based projects like Pavo: we work closely with their team to prepare the ICO while the company can focus on the actual business at hand. The obstacles faced by the cannabis industry are complex and unique, and the team is getting ready to launch a solid, innovative product that will bring significant benefits to all market participants.

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