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Partnerships, DYOR and what it needs for decentralization

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For some time, it is a Trend that large partnerships will be announced to crypto-currencies. Doubters, these are referred to as the FUD-spreaders and to be reminded of our own investigations. However, this Claim of DYOR (Do Your Own Research) that to us in favour of the decentralisation of all.

A column by Dr. Philipp Giese

2017 was the year of the ICOs, threatens to 2018 to be the year of the announced partnerships. Just younger crypto not currencies are tired, to announce partnerships with huge partners. This is not only about the Bob character is a negative development.

“The world has moved on” as Roland the gunslinger would say. In 2017, a ICO, was held in order to receive a chic White Paper a millino Bucks. Projects were able to acquire within a matter of minutes significantly more than the necessary sum.

2018 is different: authorities around the globe have adopted, for Good or ill, the phenomenon of the ICO. In the United States, ICOs are considered to be Securities, even here in Germany, the rules have become stricter. In addition, the investors are sated by the glut of ICOs, and according to critical.

Finally, the investor Community is waiting for the Launch of projects, which received last year’s funding. If there is nothing to do, falls rises, the price of the issued tokens and of the displeasure of the Community. This Problem is not only known in the case of ICOs, as you can see on the Verge, or Cardano.

So it is understandable that projects over the course of your project you want to enlighten. Testnet, Alpha Version of the Wallet, current project status, key milestones, everything is shared. Of course, Rebrands, partnerships and Announcements.

Announcements and partnerships – stumbling blocks for decentralization

Here, it often comes from the Understandable to the Absurd. When a project announces that it wants to on the next Monday, something Incredible to announce, and a Bagholder over themselves in conjectures, one is amazed at how much wonder of the creditors of the desperate Bagholder can be compared with a pious Nun.

The Problem is not just the Shilling of their own Coins or Tokens. A lot of concern in the centralization of a small team of developers, which goes hand in hand with this Form of partnership announcements. If all of the partnerships, run on a single project-Team, is not limited just to the development of the Codes, but also the application of the product to the development team. In a critical observation we made on this Form of centralization in Ripple. Similar to various other crypto-currencies, in which the developers talk about grandiose partnerships, transfer.

Much healthier it is, if a Blockchain Ecosystem. For this purpose, positive examples exist: Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash not only block the stream, or Roger, but a different Developer who will work on Wallets, Payment options, and other. As a living Ecosystem, which is not limited only to the developers team.

A project can draw on in the early stage of such a Ecosystem. However, it would be in favour of decentralization is desirable, and if you get early the other project Teams on Board and less of a focus on the “great partnerships” and announcements.

DYOR applies to all

However, the decentralized structure begins with each Individual. We are the first major Partner of a crypto-currency. Those who invest in a crypto-currency, this is exactly the Use-Case behind it understand. This critical Investigate is not a singular, but a continuous process.

Unfortunately, this critical attitude is called for, and more of others: When critics ask for reasons why an Investment is not reasonable to read as a response DYOR – Do Your Own Research. Critics are supposed to do “your own research”. DYOR – c’est les autres, to say it with Jean-Paul Sartre.

Sometimes, the Transmission helps in the normal situations to the Absurd. To Express DYOR concerns of other sounds at some point strange, (“Philipp, after everything that’s happened, how can I trust You?” -“DYOR”). All kidding aside, DYOR is no counter-argument or a magic word that any criticism is stifled.

DYOR, “critical” or “skeptical” Thinking, first of all, a call to a self. As with many other things in life you should always change the Position to critically question and examine why this is taken.

As in the research DYOR lives from the dialogue with the Community. From DYOR according to a DASYOR should – Do’s And Share Your Own Research are: insights on the private Investment, both positive and negative, should be shared, rather than keep these for themselves and with the magic word “DYOR” critics.

Finally, this aspect of currencies, as the Grandiose to the Crypto: what You have here is, in principle, with open source code, and a large transparency. It is, therefore, no reproach, but rather an invitation. For me, this article represents a Motivation, the “New coins on the block”series again to continue.

Let us all, therefore, in the spirit of DYOR this important aspect of the decentralization of life!

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