Paris Hilton see fans like family

Paris Hilton says in a new documentary why her fans are more familiar than most people she knows. “I’m used to having people abuse me, but my fans are like family. They are sincere.”

Paris Hilton

That famous are not always easy, which is evident in the new documentary The American Meme that during the Tribeca Film Festival on april 27 in the premiere. According to Paris Hilton, that is extensively covered in the docu, it is a very lonely existence and can be but of little people. She trusts her fans, her so-called Little Hiltons, more than many of her acquaintances. “I keep as many of my fans as they did from me. They are like family!”.

“My parents think I am crazy because I have my fans in my life and even my phone number to give and in house shows. But I would not want anything else.” According to Paris, she helps her fans to become stronger and to accept. Itself she also a lot of support from her followers. “I myself have experienced so much in my life and I trust people never really. I’m so used to it that there is abuse of me, but at my fans, I feel like I don’t feel that way. There is, therefore, not a day goes by that I do not FaceTimen, or email us am with them. I can really be myself. They condemn me not and sincerely. They really love me.”

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