One dead after explosion in engine during flight

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A plane from Southwest Airlines was in Philadelphia make an emergency landing after engine problems. A person is killed.

The plane was en route from New York to Dallas with 143 passengers and five crew members on board. In full flight, is something wrong with one of the engines, and had the plane in Philadelphia make an emergency landing.

The Boeing Co 737-700 is safe countries. On images is to see how one of the engines was heavily damaged. Also a window would have been damaged.

A passenger posted a video on Facebook with the caption: ‘There is something wrong with our plane. It seems that we are crashing down. Emergency landing!’

According to local media, the pressure in the cabin very quickly dropped. The father of a passenger tells NBC Philadelphia that a woman is ” partially out of a window was sucked’. Other passengers helped her back inside, what it sounds like.

Passengers speak of a loud bang and a rapid decline. ‘It seemed like the pilot the aircraft difficult to control got, ” says Timothy Bourman. “I thought, frankly, that we went crashing down.’

The passengers and crew did amazing things under difficult circumstances, ” says firefighter Adam Thiel.

The chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Robert Sumwalt, says that the type of engine, a CFM56, is often used in commercial transport.

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