New single by Robby Strauven creates fireworks

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Robby Strauven suggested on Saturday his third fanbal his new single “Fireworks” to the public that to the sold-out hall to Nieuwerkerken at Sint-Truiden was calm. That number, wrote the young singer allegedly for his girlfriend Birgit, who at midnight by her partner in the flowers was taken for her birthday. His support and guidance has ensured that Robby Strauven still continues with his singing career.
There was a large artiestenparade to 19 hours promptly started and without breaks ended up to far over 1 hour. It was not only a festive evening with a smile and ambience, but there was also a little tear. As were Robby’s parents honored for everything they do for him. The Limburg ambiancemaker showed also his sensitive side by paying attention to a sick child, for which he is even a benefit single recorded. The parents of a deceased friend was an extra heart under the belt stung.

The beautiful new single, “Firework” by Robby Strauven is to purchase via iTunes.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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