Nathalie Meskens detained at customs

Nathalie Meskens detained at customs

Nathalie Meskens experienced awkward moments when they by the douanepolitie was held and questioned. On her return from Lebanon turned out that her identity card aimed. What was the problem?

Nathalie Meskens travels often to Lebanon because her new boyfriend Nadim, of Lebanese origin. And if you are travelling outside Europe you will need upon arrival at Zaventem always have your passport or identity card to show. Normally a formality, says Nathalie Meskens, except that one time…

Nathalie Meskens tells in “The 3 Wise men” on the one how the agents its usually to recognize and so to pass through. But when they came to a recent return from Lebanon, yet her identity card had to show was the error. Nathalie Meskens was aimed at…

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