Naked homeless man puts seaside town on stilts

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VERO BEACH – A 46-year-old American need to grumble, because he last week Thursday nude stennis has kicked in a seaside resort in the U.s. state of Florida.

Jonathan Boettcher is by his naked adventure or a month and a half of the street.

The amoklauf of Jonathan Boettcher started at the post office of Vero Beach. There he pulled all his clothes off and ran then in the direction of a supermarket. Along the way he shared left and right blows to the cars that him passed.

At the supermarket arrived, he ran inside and shouted: “You are not the true!” Against whom Boettcher that said, it is still a mystery. Then beende he was back outside, to continue with the beating and kicking of cars.

A little blow

Of course, the police ingeseind, and when they arrived, heard agents Boettcher shouting: “I only have one beer! I just wanted a little blow!”

After his arrest, declared Boettcher a homeless person. He remained with his statement that he has only one beer had been drinking and added that he also a half a joint was smoked.

The motive? Boettcher was his life as a homeless person was sitting. By itself as a half-sole to be worn he hoped to be arrested and that way for a while from the street.

That set-up is successful: a magistrate sentenced Boettcher Tuesday to a month and a half cell.

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