Myanmar provides more than eight thousand prisoners amnesty

In Myanmar have more than eight thousand prisoners amnesty obtained. The new president Win Myint made the measure Tuesday, known on the occasion of the Burmese new year. The released prisoners are there, according to an aid organization, 36 political prisoners. The majority, more than 6,000 prisoners, it was because of drug law offences in the cell.

The amnestieronde is the largest since nobel laureate for Peace Aung San Suu Kyi in 2016 with her National League for Democracy (NLD) became part of the government. The 72-year-old woman was during the military dictatorship in Myanmar a total of 15 years under house arrest. The new president, one of its confidants, it is only since last month in office. Also the army is still in the government.

According to a charity for prisoners, AAPP, sat at the end of march in Myanmar, a total of 250 persons for political reasons in the prison. It also goes to two journalists from Reuters news agency, research conducted into the allegations of genocide against the security forces of Myanmar. Out of fear for the army since last summer, 700,000 are muslims to neighboring Bangladesh, have fled.

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