Mourinho intervenes after blamage

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MANCHESTER – José Mourinho is going to intervene after the blamage of Manchester United against West Bromwich Albion.

José Mourinho intervenes after blamage Manchester United

The Portuguese manager announced his team to significantly change for the midweekse match against Bournemouth. ,,Other players get a chance to prove themselves and as a place to earn in the team that Saturday at Wembley against Tottenham Hotspur plays in the semi final of the FA Cup,” said Mourinho.

Are sterrenploeg fell on the own Old Trafford to see by the hekkensluiter of the Premier League (0-1). Therefore, fellow-townsman Manchester City the title celebrate. At Bournemouth get other players a chance. ,,Rotate is not the right word. I give other players the opportunity to be in the spotlight to play. For me, the only criterion for how someone plays. Not how much money they are worth, how much they earn or how they look.”

Mourinho took Paul Pogba against WBA within an hour to the side. According to the trainer was that, not so much because the man of 105 million euro was poorly played, but mainly because Pogba is already yellow pocket.

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