Mother of alleged victim of Bill Cosby testifies in case

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The mother of Andrea Constant, one of the alleged victims of Bill Cosby, on Monday (local time) declared that the former comedian was telling her that he is a “dirty old perverted man” felt after the evening that he with Constant spent with him at home.

Constant accusing the comedian of it its in march 2004, drugged and abused.

During her testimony, told Gianna Constant according to Variety , that her daughter after that meeting depressed and sometimes cried in her sleep.

At the beginning of 2005 would be Constant-her mother, have informed of the misbruik.De mother of Constant following of the situation of her daughter have had contact with the comedian, especially because she wanted to know what the three blue pills was that Constant of Cosby had been “to calm down”.

Cosby would be in that conversation have admitted that he was “a sick man” was.

At the same time, Cosby later also stated that Constant that horrible night to have sex with mutual consent.

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Earlier on Monday the second hearing of Andrea Constant place, this time by the defense. The attorneys for Bill Cosby asked extended to a number of inconsistencies in her various testimonies. Also the payment of almost 3 million euros Cosby to her did was frequently referred to.

Constant explained that her story always has been consistent, but they are a couple of times has made a mistake. She said the miljoenenschikking to have adopted, because they take the case behind him, wanted to let.

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