Macron pulls out to ‘authoritarian democracies’ in the EU

93293d853ae869cbb46b6f9125764e32 - Macron pulls out to ‘authoritarian democracies’ in the EU

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, the European Union during his speech to the European Parliament are summoned to the model of liberal democracy to defend. According to him, are ‘non-liberal’ democracies within the EU in attendance.

‘The answer to authoritarianism is not the authoritarian democracy, but the authority of democracy’, seemed to be French president Emmanuel Macron among others, to refer to the government-Orban in Hungary.

The French president had in his speech about his hobby, the reform of the euro area. According to Macron should be there for that reform, the urgent need for a roadmap to be drafted. France also wants more contributions to the European budget, on the condition that that are more efficiently managed.

After the speech of the French president, there is currently a debate underway in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker let it all slip that ‘the real France is back’.

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