Laura Ponticorvo can hack not quit

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Laura Ponticorvo is happy that pornohacker Mitchell van der K. is arrested, but the leaking of her nudes “unfortunately” still not shut down.

“We were immediately relieved that we face”, says Laura to RTL. “But I can’t quit.” The vlogster told that they had lost hope and had specified that the culprit would be found. “I thought,” a very good hacker, that you do not have to return. So I was surprised that it was successful.”

Although they are all events of “a very violent year” is still not behind him, thinks Laura that the unmasking of Mitchell van der K. her is going to help. “Because I have seen him, and a face with a name. That is going to help me in the process.”

The life of Laura last year, the march on its head when nudes of her uitlekten. The vlogster was devastated that they had been hacked and that privébeelden on the street layers. Misdaadjournalist John van den Heuvel new Ponticorvo’s hacker. It turned out to be the Almere VVD-politician Mitchell van der K. to go. He hackte not only the vlogster, dozens of women were victim of him. Also pictures of Fatima Moreira de Melo were on Of of the K.’s computer found.

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