Jessie J wins the Chinese version of X Factor

Jessie J has a Sunday-night Chinese version of X Factor won. The British singer did over the past months as a participant in the talent show Singer and knew the other musicians to beat.

Jessie J, who previously jureerde in British and Australian version of The Voice and scored hits with Bang Bang and Flashlight, joined in January for the first time in the show. They had throughout the match singing against well known Asian singers. The thirty years ‘ singer brought a number of our own songs, but also sang a few covers. With its implementation of Withney Houston I Will Always Love You (written by Dolly Parton) she knew the judges and viewers during the finals, to convince. But less than a billion people saw the British win.

“I was the first international artist to ever be asked. That alone is an honor,” she wrote after her victory on social media. “For me it was a chance to bridge the gap between the two cultures to bridge. For them to get a western artist to see and music to hear that some people will not previously have heard, and vice versa.”

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