Jan Taminiau shows dresses Máxima and Beyoncé

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The popular fashion designer Jan Taminiau shows from Saturday, dozens of his works at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. Among them are dresses of queen Máxima, including the two that she wore for the inauguration of Willem-Alexander, a dress for Lady Gaga, in a costume from a science fiction movie Hunger Games and a few zilverglimmende out-of-Beyoncé.

Jan Taminiau

Taminiau is, however, not only the final results show, but also what prior has in his mind played. So is the work he though his career has long been used to the museum gezeuld, in which the pattern for a dress for the queen is laid. And projections on the wall show how he images of the sea and the greenhouses from the airplane was recorded and processed in a jacket and a pants.

Queen Máxima during the inauguration of king Willem-Alexander in a dress by Jan Taminiau.

How many dresses he a year makes, he dares not to say. “It’s me for the fun of it.” His creations are usually extremely detailed, with all sorts of sophisticated embroidery. “I want my dresses to ten inches away will be as beautiful and interesting as from fifty metres.” He extends not only to the beautiful. “By embroidering manipulate the fabric to move as you want.” He does a lot himself, but not everything, because that takes too much time. To a ’large’ dress work up to forty to eighty people. “Handicrafts, for me, has the same beauty as the nature because it is always different.”

Jan Taminiau: Reflections lasts until August 26. Visitors can see the designer in the museum to personally hear tell on 3 may, 7 June, 5 July and 2 August.

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