Hilde De Baerdemaeker does not sleep

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Are known or not, there are things that everyone must undergo, even though it is often not fun. Hilde De Baerdemaeker is one of the many parents last night at a school has spent. Her plusdochter Sam goes in september to the secondary and had to be registered. On her Instagram Stories is to see that Hilde the night of Monday to Tuesday in the turnhaal of the school has spent in the hope of a place for her plusdochter Sam to get hold of. Hilde told that they have no eye has closed. “So many people who snoring”, sigh Hilde on Instagram. “I really have no eye closed last night, but luckily, I stayed in good company”, says Hilde on . Hilde had the company of the real mother of her stepchildren and that was pretty fun because they have really a good band. In the call retrieves Hilde to the system. “It is absurd that it is still in a way happening. Amongst the parents there was a list made about who, when arrived, and in what order, but there arises, for example, a discussion about powers of attorney. You may take a seat in the name of someone else? That is a very special all and can only in Belgium according to me.”

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