Here had pornohacker photos of Fatima Moreira de Melo from

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Fatima Moreira de Melo is relieved that the man that the computers of dozens of women hackte in search of nude photos and videos has been arrested.

Fatima Moreiro de Melo

“The news that I was a victim have been the same hacker as Laura Ponticorvo it seems heavier than it is,” writes Fatima on Instagram “He had pictures of me on his computer(s), but which were already made public on my twitter. He has tried, but there is either not managed to get into my account, or he can’t sappigs.” To remember to add: “Happy is-it has to be picked up.”

On the computer of VVD Mitchell van der K. are photos of the ex-hockeyinternational and the well-known vlogster Laura Ponticorvo found. The new RTL5-program Online abuse addressed from the Telegraph-securities and exchange commission John van den Heuvel and presenter Nicolette Kluijver discovered the identity of the hacker.

Van der K., who, in daily life, the lyricist, has been arrested by the police and is now indicted for computer intrusion. He showed a certain preference according to the suspicion already for many years in computers, from women looking to be sexually tinted images. The VVD has him now disfellowshipped.

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