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Hein Vanhaezebrouck calls Anderlecht no titelkandidaat but… “Club is already a bit nervous”

Anderlecht will play tomorrow in a crucial game on the field of Standard. The Inhabitants travel full of confidence to the Fiery City after last Sunday, the size names of leader Club Brugge.

But the people in Brussels tomorrow no gezondheidswandeling realize, coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck during the traditional press conference on the eve of a match. “After their victory against Gent, they spoke directly about the match against Anderlecht. Against us, they are always double-and thick-motivated. It is so. Or our victory against Bruges for a declic has created? It’s hard to say.”

Vanhaezebrouck has respect for Standard. “They will be motivated. I expect Edmilson, Carcela… Players that a match can decide. Each team has n players. We will have to watch for them. But they are more than Carcela and Edmilson. Or I the atmosphere of fear? No, I like to play on Standard. There is always noise, there is always atmosphere. I love these fans. Also which of us have Sunday noise made. No, I’m always happy to Standard gone. I only hope that within the limits of the sport. No, Standard is not titelkandidaat, since I ourselves do not agree as titelkandidaat see. But if they win, they will be in the running for second place.”

Nervous Bruges

Also the dip in energy Club Brugge came up. “The Club is already a bit nervous, believe me”, grinned Vanhaezebrouck. “But they need not worry. Four points for us, six at the Gent, both teams have yet to Bruges, where they are very strong. But if they are at home points start to lose, they will still be nervous. We underdog? I have been for my whole life long, as a trainer of Kortrijk, as a trainer of Ghent in Tottenham. But I believe in it. As a trainer of Kortrijk, I said that we are on Anderlecht could win. But given the season that we have played until now, we have to be modest. Place two seems realistic. We need feet on the ground. That does not happen, we will soon be back on earth. You may perhaps even be the second place to forget.”

Vanhaezebrouck had Sunday night a lot of compliments for his group, perfect had done what he had asked. “That is a whole satisfaction for myself and for the players,” according to QTY. “They have seen that they were, that they are good in function of each other played. We defended the ‘en bloc’, the tasks were incorporated. That was the best of what I have this season had seen. I felt it coming, yes. Or this is a new beginning? That will depend on the next match. If we are to be good results continue to drop, then we are perhaps at the beginning of a new momentum. But we are going to on Standard the boot in, then we might be back to square one. The margin is small, also for the second place.”

Najar close to return

There is also good news from the infirmary. The injuries of Andy Najar is as good as in the past: “Andy is training everything. He goes in duels and played last week, sixty minutes in a mutual duel. That we see in play-off 1. Tomorrow’s Standard? That we will see. Saelemaekers, Markovic and Obradovic have small aches. We will tomorrow have a view of their employability. That is the result of two matches in such a short period of time. And Saturday we play in the al again. But we are just from when we European have played and we went very well. I’m also not crazy things to do and Najar at the moment he is not completely ready for. What Onyekuru subject: who still has a long way to go. A time train does not mean that you are ready for a first class match. He still needs to confirm: in duel, rhythm…we’ll see if he is this season still to play.”

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