Group action against Facebook for facial recognition

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A group action against the facial recognition on Facebook is Monday (local time) declared admissible by a judge in the Us state of California. The social networking websites suspected of illegally the biometric data of users to have collected.

The face recognition was launched in 2011 by Facebook. The system allows people in a fast and automatic way to identify the photos on the social networking websites be published.

Users from the state of Illinois are together to the right stepped against the system. They complain that they Facebook never have given their consent for the collection of biometric data necessary to the system of face detection to allow it to function.

By the decision of a judge in San Francisco to the complaint, to dismiss, was the green light for a class action of ” all Facebook users in Illinois who Facebook after 7 June 2011, a gezichtssjabloon has created and maintained’. The court closes with that definition, a collective complaint of all users from that state with a photo on Facebook.

Facebook studies

Facebook said in a response that the decision of the court is still being analysed. “We continue to think that this case is without merit and we will fiercely defend,” says a spokesman.

If the plaintiffs also, in substance, are made, all participants to the group action claim for compensation.

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