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FunFair tokens: a Large potential with a real Usecase for Online Casinos

FunFair is a ERC-20 tokens, which is characterized by the fact that he has a real application in the Online casino business. A Central concern of the FunFair, the Online gambling is to make the game safer and more transparent. This is the confidence and security of the Blockchain technology be used.

Although the Casinos strict for example in Germany or the United Kingdom supervision are subject to the rules, can not be excluded a Manipulation a hundred percent. This would change the company’s FunFair, with its Online Casino Games. All the operations that take place while playing through the Blockchain, to be publicly documented so that a Manipulation is as good as impossible. All transactions are absolutely transparent and safe, as well as the CEO of a FunFair, “Jez” San is on ICE Gaming exhibition explains:

What is FunFair?

FunFair is a decentralized Gaming platform that leverages the Ethereum-a Blockchain, Smart Contracts and so-called proprietary State-Channels, to Casino solutions to operators or potential operators of Online Casinos.

The major goal of the FunFair is to allow casino owners in the online world and make use of the advantages of the Blockchain. FunFair offers its own platform. With just a few clicks, your own Online Casino is it possible to create his own company’s website. To choose from a variety of gambling games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Slot machines, and various types of Poker are available. A real example of application (“Showcase”) can already be found on this official page tests.

A fundamental part of the FUN project, the FUN tokens, which serve not only (as is the case with many other Blockchain projects) the financing of the company. FUN acts within the system, namely as a virtual Casino Chip, and it can be lost, e.g. in a round of Poker or Roulette and there is also.

In contrast to the “regular” block chain transaction but is not required for every game to use Gas, so a transaction fee. This would be the numerous missions during a game is very counter-productive and costly. Here, the State-Channels come into play. These allow that the games and related transactions of the FUN in real time (and faster than the Ethereum Blockchain). In addition, technology is the State-of-Channels-only a one-time Gas fee, to start the game session. Further Details are in the technical Whiterpaper.

Another huge advantage of FunFair compared to traditional Online Casinos is that the player has to make no Deposit into the Wallet of the provider. Instead, the player of a FunFair Casinos can bring from his own FUN Wallet out of the stakes to the Games. So, the player never loses control of his private assets to a third party.

A nice summary (in English) of the following Promo Film:

Outlook for FunFair

The Roadmap of the FunFair for the first quarter of this year, the Release of the first Online Casino games. Thus, FunFair can show in a timely manner in the practice, whether made by the developments of the last months paid off. This FUN run also for the first Time since the Launch of the project, on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Overall, the market for Online Gambling is a growing area of the estimated total volume of 47.1 billion dollars. Here, this value must not be watered down of course, with the market capitalisation of the FUN Tokens, since two different metrics are compared. Nevertheless, it shows that behind the idea of the project is definitely a lot of potential with a large target market.

The course of FUN at the 08. January 2018 will be a historic all-time high of 0,162 Euro. Since the crypto-Crash of the last few weeks, the price has dropped in a row and is at the time of writing (16 hours) at 0,04935 Euro. The market capitalization is close to EUR 237 million. This FunFair is situated on 70 of the biggest Cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

We find the concept promising and FUN will be keeping my eye on you. The next few weeks for the entire project an important time. Now the project must show whether the Case is accepted and whether FunFair can hold what it promises the prospective. The success or failure will probably have a decisive influence on the course of crypto-currency.

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