Freiburg players are questioning ‘curious’ decision videoarbiter

ec80d95ea468c4fe3fd38ccd1e0929d4 - Freiburg players are questioning 'curious' decision videoarbiter

The players of SC Freiburg understand little of the bizarre way in which they Monday night season came in the 2-0 lost degradatiekraker against FSV Mainz in the Bundesliga.

Both teams were already on the way to the locker room before the break, but were recalled because, at the charge of the videoarbiter later a penalty kick was awarded to the home team.

Freiburg defender Marc-Oliver Kempf had just before half-time in his own penalty area hands and that was referee Guido Winkmann missed, but videoarbiter Bibiana Steinhaus. Pablo De Blasis used the subsequently awarded penalty.

“We went with a 0-0 the dressing room, but had to suddenly be in the field again. Madness, of course”, says Freiburg-defender Manuel Gulde. “That penalty kick has Mainz in the card played. Video evidence, you can try it out on the last day, as the nowhere more to go. Not in such an important match. Incredible that they have decided.”

Goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow: “It is very strange that an action will still be evaluated while the players already in the dressing room to sit. We could not believe it. Very curious. Instinctively, I say that it is not a penalty kick.”

The videoscheidsrechter, which the last years a lot was experimented, since this season in every match in the Bundesliga asset and next summer his debut at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia.

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