France: evidence gifaanval verdonkeremaand

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PARIS – France says that evidence for the Syrian gifaanval of last week verdonkeremaand. According to the French ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is therefore important that international inspectors as soon as possible Douma in may.

Employees of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) try to be the Syrian city to come. To date, Russia and Syria have not yet given permission. Until Wednesday, would the OPCW to within may to see if there is actually a poison-gas attack was made, and what gas is used.

According to the Russians, research is slowed by the retaliatory action of the Americans, British and French last Friday night. According to the Russians themselves, has no poison-gas attack occurred. Their experts were Thursday and Friday in Douma and would be no indication have been found.

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday declared a lot of importance to the independent research of the OPCW. Russia contradicts the accusations, France and the United Kingdom that researchers are opposed.

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