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Former doctor of Lance Armstrong accuses Spanish pisterenners of doping

4b383dcb49cbbce31475b50851b40877 - Former doctor of Lance Armstrong accuses Spanish pisterenners of doping

The Spanish doctor Luis Garcia del Moral, suspended for life by the U.s. anti-doping agency (USADA) for his contribution in the doping system of US Postal, in 2016, versus the International criminal Tribunal for Sport (TAS) the existence of a dopingprogramma within the Spanish pisteteam between 1993 and 1998. Reports that the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The doctor gave EPO, growth hormones and corticoïden to the team.

“I was between 1993 and 1998, responsible for the Spanish pisteteam, but not for their medical checks,” Garcia del Moral have experienced. He answered then ‘yes’ to the question whether there is a doping system had existed.

The doctor proved his claims with a on July 15, 1996 (four days before the start of the Olympic Games in Atalanta) dated kassaticketje with expenditure in a pharmacy and with a transfer to Michele Ferrari, the Italian doctor of Lance Armstrong, who is also for life, was suspended by the USADA.

The then president of the Spanish cycling federation, Juan Serra, insured El Pais “never in a Ferrari to have worked”, the opposite of what he in 1996 claimed.

Six Spanish baanwielrenners took part in the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996, in the midst of the dopingconjunctuur within the Spanish team. They won no medals.

The answers of the doctor came on request of the lawyer of Johan Bruyneel, the former sporting director of the team, that his suspension of ten years by the USADA aanvocht. Garcia del Moral worked after his time at the Spanish pisteteam (1993-1998) five years for the US Postal team of Lance Armstrong (1999 to 2003). He worked on the first five grand tour wins of the American him in the meantime were deprived of.

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