Fokke & . increasingly higher proportion

The strip Fokke & . over the years, higher proportion. That has Bastiaan Geleijnse, one of the three creators, said Tuesday during an interview on NPO Radio 2.

Jean-Marc van Tol, John Reid, Bastiaan Geleijnse

“We always say that there are not issues that we can’t handle, but things change,” says Gelijnse. “Incorrect jokes about women or about being black, you make it because people when they read ‘oooow’ say. But at a given moment, you know.” The rule for the strips of Fokke & . is that the threesome cartoon itself is fun. “Vrouwonvriendelijke jokes for a while naughty and nice. But after some time it is just stupid and there is a certain fatigue.”

For the same reason it was decided the trio about ten years ago to stop making cartoons for student sheets. “It had something belachelijks that we are in our forties still were busy with corpsballen with torn jackets. That believed the students also not more.” Sometimes current topics and also funny to be a comic strip about. “As Dotan and trollengate: that is of itself so funny, since we need nothing more to do.”

’Not fair’

In the early years of Fokke & . there is one time a quarrel had been about money, well-known Gelijnse also during the call. “That was in the period that there is actually still no money came in. We shared then the revenue that we had not – by the three of us. Jean-Marc van Tol thought that was not fair; he draws all strips and has much more time than John Reid and me.” The collaboration ended when almost. “But we were very well told. Since then it has never been problematic.”

The strip is celebrating soon its 25-year anniversary. On the occasion of this anniversary, the well-known duck and canary is now immortalized on a postage stamp.

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