FC Twente draws hope on NAC

8dba0537b7eb7b94b3d50842c1045eec - FC Twente draws hope on NAC

FC Twente-captain Stefan Thesker glom of pride when he sat night after the victory at PEC Zwolle (3-0) in front of the camera had to appear to his story.

Stefan Thesker attempts, and the ball packs of Piotr Parzyszek.

“It was time, we have here much too long of a wait,” said the German defender after the first victory since december 12. “This victory is well earned. We are very happy with these three points.”

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In conversation with FOX Sports well-known the 27-year-old Thesker that he the often tricky has had this season. “The whole year is already heavy. We have, as yet, no good times. There was always hope, but some days, I thought: damn, what is happening here? We can no longer play football? But today we have to show that we can.”

FC Twente-midfielder Adam Maher celebrates the 2-0 with the supporters at the grandstand.

Thesker know that FC Twente still not there. The backlog at number seventeen Sparta is one point and the Locals get Wednesday against NAC Breda, the chance of the hole to enlarge it to four.

“We are still dependent, but let’s hope that Sparta will lose. The difference is one point and anything can still happen. But each duel, we have to just again provide. It does not happen by itself. We are still not away from the bad atmosphere. We will continue to fight and occasionally we need a little bit of luck.”

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