Family gives major spoilers price

d58e29234b1bcb2432611223fc10c3bb - Family gives major spoilers price

Monday showed VTM the new begingeneriek of Family on the viewers loose and, thereby, give the creators of the VTM-soap, nevertheless, the one and the other price. Certain passages in the begingeneriek ensure that some questions may already be answered.
The first striking fact in the new begingeneriek is the presence of Jenny to the table. Jenny, played by Hilde Van Haesendonck, party with the loyal clan of the Of the Bossches. We need something behind to search or not? Will the role of Jenny, for one reason or another, get bigger or is there just a question of tafelvulling?

It is the viewers is without a doubt noticed that Véronique Van den Bossche became a new person. Véronique was a long journey and has rediscovered. The former bitch of the family Van den Bossche is suddenly a cheerful wife and mom and to know the viewers to appreciate. That Véronique is sitting at the table next to Mathias in the new begingeneriek the viewers hope that she and Mathias together again live.

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