Ex-Playmate had ’amazing’ sex with fiance Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – A former Playmate claims, for six months, an affair to have had with Donald Trump. She had sex with him while a friend watched. “He is a great lover.”

Barbara Moore.

Model Barbara Moore (49) met the businessman in 1993 in a hotel of Trump in Atlantic City, when the current American president was was engaged to Marla Maples, who was at that time also was pregnant. That reveals Moore in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail.

After they met, and brought the then 24-year-old Playmate five days by resort, Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Here Moore is partly evidence of; so she has the pictures shared of herself in a bikini on the private residence of the wealthy American. Also, it has a picture of a relaxed-looking Trump on a lounge bed. The photo was taken on april 25, 1993, when Trumps fiance of four months, was pregnant with Tiffany.

“It was an affair full of passion, he is a great lover and a gentleman. But I knew at the time, not that he has a girlfriend, or actually even was engaged. I discovered recently that she also was pregnant. I’m shocked, but I maintain that he is a great lover and a great president.”

’Normal sex’

About sex can Moore tell that they’re on the first evening with him, went to bed. “It was very special. I had no experience with older men, but he was good in bed. He kissed me in my neck, had a lot of attention for me and the sex was actually quite normal, he had no foreign sekswensen. I felt really loved,” says the former Playmate. Also had the two sex, while a good friend of hers in the room. “He only had attention for me, and actually, we felt all three fine.”

Barbara Moore is not the only one suspected case has had it with Trump. As also claims porn star Stromy Daniels sex with the president to have had, like Playboy model Karen McDougal, while he was with Melania.

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