European leagues see nothing in the world CHAMPIONSHIP with 48 participants in 2022

4d51600ccb0cd2e25fde87e82949bd90 - European leagues see nothing in the world CHAMPIONSHIP with 48 participants in 2022

The association of European football leagues see nothing in the proposal of the South American bond CONMEBOL to the final of the world cup of 2022 in Qatar to expand to 48 countries.

CONMEBOL-president Alejandro Dominguez told Thursday that his federation a request for early expansion of the field has been filed with FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

“But we are all very flexible by ensuring that the fifa world cup 2022 in the winter can be played. We are not prepared to our calendar to further adjust for expansion,” says chairman Lars-Christer Olsson of the united European league.

Qatar is already in the preparations for the world cup of 2022, so the question is whether this still can be adjusted which is an extension of the field is realistic. The tournament will be, because the heat in Qatar to take place in november and december instead of June and July.

Adding sixteen additional countries ensures that there is not 64, but 80 matches must be finished on the world cup. The tournament in Qatar will only be 28 days, because the clubs their players in the middle of the season not too long to lose want.

World cup 2026

The so-called FIFA-council decided last January to reach the number of participating countries from the world cup 2026 to extend it to 48. Since the world championship of 1998 do 32 teams.

Each continent is going to be more countries, second to the tournament. It is not yet known where the world cup of 2026 will take place.

In a vote on June 13 in Moscow choose the 211 at the FIFA affiliated national associations between the joint bid of the United States, Canada and Mexico and that of the only remaining competitor, Morocco.

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