European leagues against world cup Qatar with 48 countries

GENEVA – The association of European football leagues see nothing in the extension of the list of participants of the world cup 2022 in Qatar. The South American bond Conmebol had last week proposed to make all four years of the world cup to expand from 32 to 48 countries.

Then FIFAbaas Sepp Blatter reveals that Qatar the world cup may organize

,,We are all very flexible by ensuring that the world cup 2022 in the winter can be played. We are not prepared to our calendar to further adjust for expansion of the world cup 2022,” said chairman Lars-Christer Olsson of the united European league.

Because of the extreme heat in the summer in Qatar is the global tournament has been shifted to the months of november and december, making radical adjustments are needed in the leagues in Europe. Expansion of the field would make for a longer tournament and additional adjustments.

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