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Ethos: The Community-based crypto-currency platform

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“The future is already here. She’s just unevenly distributed.“ ruled already in 2003, the American Science-Fiction author William Gibson. With this quote the white paper of the earlier than “Bitquence” well-known Ethos and Ecosystem, which made this statement to the creed begins. In this sense, Ethos intends to have an easier access to the crypto-market to drive the spread of the Blockchain technology.

For this project, in terms of Blockchain technology is recognised worldwide Ethos has studied-founder and CEO, Shingo Lavine, of computer science at Brown University, and the company has put together and financed with his profits from Bitcoin and Altcoin Investments, at the young age of 20 years is already a very dedicated and competent Team.

To call Maurice Peter Herlihy, which is mathematics at Harvard University and computer science would be, for example, at mit, studied and, most recently, taught as a Professor at Brown University.

Herlihy is primarily for his contributions to multi-processor systems are known and price the price received for his work on the Gödel, as well as 2 times Dijkstra, which is why he is, in our opinion, an asset to the ETHOS of the project.

The ETHOS of Ecosystem is composed of 3 pillars

The first cornerstone of the Wallet, which should be free from outside control, and with universal functions, such as the connection to the so-called “Social Investment Network”, in which users can interact with each other, is equipped. If the users help other users and share their knowledge, you can be rewarded.

This approach to the workings of crypto-currencies also make for easy, so the barrier to Entry for new entrants is low and help is offered.

On the platform there is a built-in interface to the “old economy”, by the Fiat quickly, easily, and cost currencies can efficiently be used in crypto-currencies converted.

Another important part of the ETHOS project is on the Ethereum Blockchain-based Ethos Token represents. This has existed since the 19th century. July 2017, and has recorded since then a steady price rise. The starting price was EUR 0.04. To date, the rate on 3.55 euros and a market capitalization of close to 270 million euros, has increased.
The historical all-time high could be reached at the 07.01.2018 with a rate of 9.16 euros.

The Ethos Token can effectively be used as fuel for the Ecosystem to be viewed, as he takes on a variety of important functions. He acts within the platform as a means of payment and as a reward for particularly in the Community of dedicated users. Also for the developer of the Token brings cost-effective, Blockchain applications and provides a scalable Micropayment mechanism for all platform services.

Currently you can swap ETHOS at the stock exchanges Binance, HitBTC, Livecoin and CoinExchange against Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What you can do with the ETHOS of the platform?

Ethos offers companies, developers and especially consumers, a secure universal self-determined Wallet, future financial applications to power and trade all kinds of Tokens directly with this Wallet, free of charge, as well as an interface which integrates seamlessly with all popular financial instruments connect.

The platform works in a Community-based, so there are many applications and opportunities to network with other users and exchange ideas, to follow, for example, more experienced traders. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience, it is possible to receive in case of successful support to a reward.

Smart Keys should be also simplified the verification process enormously, so that, for example, hundreds of Coins can be managed with only one Key.

In summary, the ETHOS carries with it, not least because of its comprehensive, Community functions, to the integrated Fiat-interface, at the same time as Wallet, multi functioning functional Token, and the implementation of the idea that the community will accomplish more than the Individual has a significant Potential.

However, it needs to maintain itself at a very young project, only a change in practice and its value to the crypto world.

Official website:

White Paper: The Ethos Of The White Paper

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