Emma survives skydiving accident

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Amsterdam – One of the few survivors of a skydiving accident ever does soon participate in a wandelwedstrijd.

The parachute of Emma Carey refused and they crashed. Five years later looptze again!

Emma Carey collapsed in 2013 in Switzerland at the age of 20 as a brick down when her parachute is not properly opened. In the last seconds she knew for sure that she would die.

When the Australian in the hospital eventually opened her eyes, began a hard battle to recovery. Carey had almost everything broken in her body as she could break.

The Australian was five years ago, working on a three-month trek in Europe when she was in Switzerland for a duo jump ventured. “I was not at all nervous. The feeling when we got off that plane jumps, was amazing. A free fall is so beautiful.”

But the euphoria did not last long: “When my instructor at the parachute pulled, I felt a bit of a delay, but the parachute did not appear above us, and the instructor said no more. When we get closer and closer the ground came, I realized that something went wrong.”

In retrospect, it seems that the instructor to let the parachute pulled, which then got entangled with the reservescherm. The ropes of both parachutes were changed to the neck of the tutor, therefore, strangled.

Emma collapsed down on her stomach, and the instructor fell on top of her. Miraculously, she remained all the time in consciousness. In retrospect, she was rather unconscious ’because I had never remembered’.

Because the duo far away from the intended landing spot fell to the ground, it took also considerable time before the emergency services were present.

Emma broke by the fall, her back, sacrum, pelvis, jaw and shattered her teeth. After four months the hospital when she got word that they are permanently paralyzed.

But Emma began training hard. Four months later, she put on again her first tentative steps: first, with the help of a walker, then with crutches, and now without the tools.

Over the past five years the Australian, literally from a deep valley climbed. She has daily pain in her bladder and bowels. “I need a catheter to wear. That takes a lot of time, and provides regular infections.

About a month will Emma attend the ‘Wings for Life World Run, a race for charity. “It’s for people who can not walk. That is about the whole world at the same time. Last year I was still in a wheelchair, but this year I’m going hiking.”

Emma also showed the date of the accident tattooed on her arm. “A lot of people found it strange that I’m such a ‘bad’ date wanted to immortalize on my body, but I consider that as the day that I could die but survived. On that day I realized that I loved the life, on that day I became the person that I am. I call it my ‘rebirth’. And it is a reminder to myself that each day after June 9, is a blessing.”

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