’Ed Sheeran in the Beatles movie”

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Ed Sheeran seems to be again a trip to one of the film industry. According to the latest rumours on the Daily Mail, he is working on a new film based on the Beatles.

Ed Sheeran

After his appearances in Game of Thrones, Home and Away, and Bridget Jones’s Baby, and his recurring role in The Basterd Executioners, it looks to be that Ed Sheeran once again has a role secured in a movie. The film which is expected to All You Need Is Love will be known, tells the story of a street musician behind that is that he is the only one in the world that is the music of The Beatles reminds.

“Everything Ed touches changes in gold,” says a source to the newspaper. “He is the biggest hitmaker of the planet. If someone makes a movie about the music of The Beatles is he.” It is not yet clear whether the 27-year-old singer is actually in the film or play only a role as an extra and behind the scenes to get started. “No one suggests that the music of The Beatles still in need of help, but Ed is a talented producer and his knowledge may well come in handy.”

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