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Dragon Chain: Disney’s Blockchain Network – Big Potential?

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Dragon chain was founded by Entertainment giant Disney, and was originally intended to allow easy integration of Business applications on the Blockchain.

Blockchain-as-a-Service means that the Blockchain is primarily used for Smart Contracts applications to your. These applications and programs can have very different functions and goals. The most important ones are the following:

  • Booking programs
  • Management Of Digital Identities
  • Transaction and payment function
  • as well as data management and backup.

The technical functioning can be studied in more detail. The following Video explains in brief, how “Dragons” can be used.

In 2014, the project dragon chain was founded by Disney, split off, however, by the end of 2016 from Disney and is now led by the dragon chain Foundation. The Chain should occur in the Private, as well as in the corporate sector. Through a variety of possibilities for Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, to create in the popular programming languages, the possible applications are almost no limits.

As the Gas necessary for the Smart Contracts of the so-called Dragon Token is currently based as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network. The tokens are still in the dragon chain carried out ICO for purchase. The price is for the editors time for a Dragon Token at 1.38 euros, about a quarter of its all-time high of 4.58€/tokens in January 2018. With a market capitalisation of over EUR 329 million dragon chain space 50 of the largest crypto evidenced currencies.

The great Potential of the Blockchain, we can see quite clearly in its diversity. It can be used by private users as well as businesses without one of the two parties will have to give its data or fear. There are various programming languages such as Java, Python, node.js and C# are supported.

A further feature of the dragon chain project, it is striking when viewing the Roadmap of the developers. It will be launched per year, several so-called “dragon chain Incubator Projects”. An Incubator Project is to offer only the euphemism for the possibility of a Token on a Blockchain, and thus to use their existing infrastructure.

Overall, we see in the dragon chain is a very interesting project, whose practice must turn out to be suitable for use, however, only clearer. Currently it is a project of many on the crypto market, that is, in our view, of no great value.

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