‘Dotan explained ” confession Home’

The stories about the misconduct of Dotan piling on. Music journalist Atze de Vries and 3VOOR12-editor-in-chief Niels Aalberts now have a podcast, it is revealed that the singer around his huge hit Home is anything but fair.

For the song had Dotan, together with a number of others, the background vocals sung. Home was not immediately a hit, but when at a given moment, however, was on the way, approached someone from the label of the ” confession with the news that Dotan’s vocals themselves had sung. With the request or they away wanted to do of their SENA-rights, rights that ensure that you get paid if the song is being played on the radio, or sold. Upon a hit, such as Home, ran up that amount considerably.

Marinus de goederen was one of the six and touched himself on Twitter: “Dear Dotan, if you still regret have what other things, now is the time. (Or you wait until you have a time unmasked).” Niels Aalberts let Marinus know: “very low tactics to the last ten cents of a recording list at the moment that you know something is a hit is going to be.” According to him, is he still to be heard on the released version of the song.

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