Dotan even more under fire

dc3135c9d709787b42394ec64afd26f3 - Dotan even more under fire

The hoopla around Dotan continues in the Netherlands. A new story shows up, this time around his big hit Home. Marinus de goederen, that as an artist, a balladeer calls, sang with four others to the background-vocals on 7 Layers, the album of Dotan and especially the singles. It takes a while before the album and the singles to be a success, and at the moment that it is so, approaching someone of the label the five backing vocalists with the story that Dotan all the backing vocals they had recorded themselves re-sung. And whether or not they even want to do of their rights. It comes to very small amounts per sale or play on the radio, but at a monsterhit can all add up. It turns out that the original vocals were used.

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