Dost (28) stops immediately if Orange-international

2de9fe8449769f6bb3282af03943e958 - Dost (28) stops immediately if Orange-international

Bas Dost put immediately a point behind his career as international Orange. The striker of Sporting Lisbon does not feel his place in the selection of the Dutch national team.

“The feeling that I wanted to stop, I have very long pushed aside. Something you are not, I found,” says the 28-year-old Dost Tuesday against the AD.

The attacker came during the last interlandperiode to a miserable performance against England and then remained on the side against Portugal. “The fact that I have a week of really rotten I felt, were the deciding factors,” he says of his decision.

Dost made on 28 march 2015, as a substitute making his debut in the shirt of Orange, in the EK-kwalificatieduel with Turkey (1-1). He came up to the eighteen international matches and one goal, that he on november 13, 2015 was against Wales.

“It is not good way in the Dutch national team. For some reason also. I’m on, the time has come that I say “until here and not further’. It just doesn’t work,” says Dost.

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