Docu about megaflop rijkeluisfestival

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We are working on a docuserie about the failed Fyre Festival. The American streaming service Hulu has the yet-untitled production purchased and will the documentary in 2019.

Billy McFarland

In the series examines what is behind the scenes of the festival has happened, making it so the soup turned, and who is to blame. The creators want the truth table obtain by means of in-depth interviews with insiders, of stranded festival goers to sellers and investors. The docu will also not previously shown images to show and rely on leaked documents, e-mails and audio recordings.

The Fyre Festival in 2017 touted as a luxurious, exclusive celebration in the Bahamas. The organization, including rapper Ja Rule, paid well-known stars to the festival to promote on social media. When the first visitors in april arrived, however, it proved a big chaos on the island. Instead of the promised posh bungalows there were tents, the luxury meals consisted of no more than a cheese sandwich. Also, there was a shortage of water and medical care. The festival therefore had to at the last moment be cancelled.

Organizer Billy McFarland known last month guilt in fraud cases that investors had filed. He must give them 26 million dollars to repay.

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